The Warehouse Raid That Wasn’t – Part 2

I suppose over a year-long wait is suspenseful enough, so perhaps it may be time to update you on how the “Warehouse Raid That Wasn’t” finally turned out:

Preston Holding a Rock-a-Fire Explosion mannequin head.

If you haven’t seen the video walkthrough of the warehouse, I suggest you take a peek. There was literally tons of stuff being stored there. Although the warehouse contained primarily redemption games, there were plenty of other cool items as well. Highights include the original Billybob’s signage, original restaurant booths, a photo booth, skeeball mahines, a bunch of video games, and of course – the full Rock-a-fire show including animatronics, sets, and sound equipment.

more animatronics from an old rockafire explosion show

old sets from a rock-a-fire explosion in Georgia

Even though offering to buy the entire lot is what got my foot in the door, I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy everything, much less move it all. Therefore, I quickly made a list of items I was interested in, and was sure to document as much as I could using my video and digital cameras as I wanted to be able to make educated offers and remember as much as possible later. During this process I made conversation with the gentleman I had been in contact with and was showing me the contents of the warehouse. It came to light that he was not the owner and had struck up a deal with the owner to sell everything in the warehouse for him. “Uh-oh,” I thought.

I thanked him for his time and went home to do some research and compile my list. I have absolutely NO interest in redemption games, so my offer was going to be for the majority of the arcade video games on hand including the dual VS cabinet, Mortal Kombat III, Time Soldiers, 1942 Pac Man conversion, NBA Hangtime, a sit-down driver and others. Obviously, due to popularity and rarity, I would also include the Rock-a-fire set on my list. All told, I think my list totaled 12 games and 1 – no paltry sum, but definitely nowhere close to the entire contents of the warehouse.

I sent off an email with my offer to my contact and patiently waited. The very next day, I got  a response. No need to say what my offer was since my offer was NOWHERE near what this guy countered for the games. Apparently, this genius decided to do some “research” and throw back ebay prices to me. However, the prices weren’t completed auctions, but whatever the highest asking price on eBay was at the time VERBATIM. Let’s just take the NBA Hangtime game for instance, his wanted $1200.00, and I didn’t even get to plug the game up.

All the other games had similar price tags. Therefore, I realized I would ultimately pass on this lot. Dealing with a go-between can sometimes be a good thing, but in this case, I think this person was working on commission and so he wanted to secure the highest price available to pad his pocket without having any sort of attachment to these objects. I’m all for getting the most profit from what’s available, but his prices weren’t even in the realm of possibility for high-end retail shops!

What did he want for the Rock-a-Fire? I’m not telling. Honestly, it was the one thing that I thought was reasonably priced. However, being completely unfamiliar with what to look for, I felt that picking this up could be getting in over my head. “Was it truly complete? How was the condition? Would I even know how to set it up? Where would I store it? Who would buy it?” were all questions floating through my head at that time.

Curiosity got the best of me in recent months and I put my feelers out there to see if this stuff was still available. My contact was no longer in business with the original owner, and there is now a new contact who may or may not be the owner. All I do know is that this lot is still sitting in storage and still waiting for a buyer.

A few more still photos from my the “Warehouse Raid That Wasn’t” photo album on Flickr

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  1. Brendan Says:

    Eh, that sucks man. People always think “well, it’s big, so it must be worth a lot of money” … I saw a 2 player GP Rider in the video. I want it :)

  2. Chad Says:

    where is this plase located id love to get ahold o fthat rockafire show

  3. gala Says:

    This is a trash, but no trash at all if you rebuild this stuff. Maybe you can sell it and make money out of garbage!

  4. Eric Says:

    Let your hair grow out and eat a burger or two for Christ’s sake.

    You look like moby.

  5. carl livingston Says:

    Were is this warehouse. Cool

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